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Picture Windows

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a single panel of glass that’s typically larger than a single-hung or double-hung window. It does not open or close, and there is no meeting rail to obstruct views to the outside.

Picture Windows
Picture Window

What are the benefits of picture windows?

Picture windows are beneficial for allowing natural light into your home. They feature a large pane of glass often without grilles, providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They’re perfect for illuminating hard to reach areas like an attic, garage or stairway where a window that opens isn’t necessary.

Picture Window

Picture windows are suitable for all home styles

Picture windows, also known as fixed windows, offer expansive views and abundant natural light. They don’t open, improving their overall energy efficiency.  Picture windows are versatile and can be used alone or in combination with other window styles to create an eye-catching focal point. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Picture Window
Picture Window

Frame the World: Picture Windows That Capture Every Moment


Offering beautiful, unobstructed views with no rails, picture windows help feature your outdoor vista.

Because they are fixed windows, you’ll may find them paired with operable windows when a room calls for more ventilation.

Picture windows are also a popular choice for large, expansive windows, like floor to ceiling window walls.


The best option for blinds is the standard plastic slide blinds. They easily move open or close to allow light and can also pair nicely with curtains for picture windows as well. You can also purchase glass with blinds already between the panes they work well with picture windows with side windows.


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Picture Windows Are Fixed Windows That Do Not Open

Picture windows offer clear views and welcome in natural light, making any room feel bigger and brighter. Because they do not open, picture windows have no moveable sashes or hardware to obstruct the view.

Any style of home – from classic to contemporary, trendy or traditional.

Energy efficient.

Custom Colors & Finishes.

Natural pine or white interiors.

Multiple weather-stripping systems seal out dust, wind and water.

Usually installed in difficult to reach places.

For unobstructed views where ventilation is not a concern, picture windows are ideal.

Picture windows create a portrait-like space on walls – hence the word “picture” in their name.

Popular choice for letting in natural light without cold air in areas of a room that may be most susceptible to drafts.

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