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Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows, known for their timeless elegance and functionality, swing open on hinges, allowing ample natural light and fresh air to flow into the room while providing a classic architectural accent

Casement Windows

Remarkable Structural Strength

With hinged casement windows, the entire panel opens to offer ventilation. Depending on the placement of the window, the open panel can often act to catch a passing breeze and direct it into the home. Because there are no muntins, these windows offer a clean, unobstructed view..

Easy Cleaning

Casement windows feature a hinged sash that swings open to the outside of the home. These windows are operated with a “crank” handle mechanism. They are opened and closed with the turn of this crank. Casement windows are hinged and hang vertically whereas their counterparts — Awning windows — hang horizontally.

Casement Window Frame
Casement Window
Casement Window

Easy to use with a hand-crank operation, casement windows provide clear views to the outside.



Casement windows are hinged at the right or left side and open outward like a door for full ventilation.

They are easy to open with a hand-crank for effortless operation that doesn’t require pulling, pushing, or lifting.

It looks like a picture window because there is no pull rail in the center. Enjoy the view or add grids for more design flair.



Imagine the morning sunlight gently entering a room as it casts a delightful mosaic of light and shadows reflecting on the wall—a reflection of the grid design you’ve chosen for your windows.



Stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Learn about Low-E glass, insulated glazing techniques and innovative technologies you should consider for comfortable home year-round.

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Casement Window

Easy Operation With No Reaching

A popular choice for replacement, casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward from the turn of a handle. Their uncluttered views and outward opening design allow for optimal natural light and airflow.

Contemporary-style homes.

Hard-to-reach places like over a bathtub or kitchen sink.

Maximizes unobstructed view.

Energy efficient.

Dual-layer, compressible bulb weatherstripping seals out dust, wind and water.

Many exterior colors.

Natural pine or white interiors.

Extensive hardware selection

Custom sizing available

Hinged at the side and opens outward

Opens wide for maximum ventilation

Unobstructed clear view

Easy to use crank operation

BetterVue® window screen provides more visibility, airflow, and insect protection

Many exterior frame colors that suit any home designption

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